The Cursed One III

Since my last post  on same topic and heading, which was sometime in November, 2008. A lot has happened. There have been many women in my life. When I say there have been many women in my life, dont be fooled by it. It is always that I had liked someone. And they did not even realize I exist. Some rejected me, some did not know I exist, some even got married, some have kid. And some turned out not in right state of mind. This time I will not be writing any names, people who know me can easily figure out who they are. 🙂

Let me give you count, there were Five more before I came to Bangalore. No I m not a womanizer, I just fall in love too easily. Since I have been in bangalore, did not find much here. I think the count of my crush is two right now. That is it.

Oh not to forget, I got married and now getting divorced in a span of 3 Months. This might not be a record in the history of Marriage and Divorce. But It is definitely a record in my family history. 🙂

Why is it so difficult to find love, why cant Life be just like Movies? Two people look at each other and fall in love. Half the way in life, we are singing songs, running around the trees. And by Interval we have kids. Life would have been so simple. In real life finding someone is so freaken difficult, and once you find them. You see there are 10 more people behind the same girl. And you know she is always interested in playboy than an honest good guy. That is Life. You dont get the girl being a good guy.

Jagdeep Singh Virdi


2 thoughts on “The Cursed One III

    • Jagdeep Singh Virdi says:

      I don’t think we have any in India … I do use tinder but that too don’t yield any results ….

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