Understanding Islam II


My first article on Islam was few days after, I saw few men with their own notion of religion came guns blazing to my country that I love and killed many Innocent people. This was Mumbai Attack on 26th November 2008. I basically don’t understand concept of killing in name of religion.Killing for any reason. No God justifies killing any of his creation.

After 8 years, I still don’t understand this religion and I really want to. (Let me be clear nor am I looking to convert) I am Sikh and I love my religion and very happy in it. I respect all the religions around me, have never disrespected any of them.

Anyone who intend to reply to this blog remember the following:-

  1. Would not entertain comparison with other religion, No bullshit like this religion they do it like this. So why I don’t question them.
  2. I don’t have any personal vendetta against Islam or any other religion. So if my  questions are harsh that is not my intend.

My previous blog in the similar topic can be checked at Understand Islam

I have been waiting to write this topic for quite sometime. There has been lot going since 2008. There has been loads more killing in name of Islam. Last time I  checked in 2008 there was just Al-Qaeda. Now we have seen raise of ISIS. Now before everyone start saying ISIS is a creation of USA. I totally agree on that point. US did create a power vacuum, leave all the Humvees and did sell weapons to Free Sriyan Army which ended up coming to ISIS hands eventually. Keep all this aside. I am more interested in Ideology behind all this.

So here are my questions with the background behind it :-


On 2nd July,2016 – 6 young men, killed innocent people who have come for dinner. Among the dead from attack, the police said, were nine Italians, seven Japanese, two Bangladeshis, one American and one Indian. These young men were studying in Elite Schools from good background. Who were brainwashed to kill people.

  1. Is it justified to Kill in Islam? Just simple plain Yes or No. If yes under what conditions? Though I would not agree for any reason a religions book should say it is OK to kill. There should not be. Taking anyone’s like should not be upon any individual or Organization. It should be left on God himself.
  2. Are these innocent people death justified according to Islam?
  3. Is person being from other religion justify that their life does not matter as much as a Muslim life?
  4. How does one get so brainwashed to kill, in the name of God?


If you look at the background of Islam in my country, India. It is a bloody history with Muslim conqueror coming one after another and plundering the country and converting people to Islam. Choice rejecting it was less. You either convert or you die.

  1. Is forced conversion OK in Islam? What if someone does not want to convert?
  2. If he does not convert is it Ok to kill?


Here are some more questions:-

  1. Does every Muslim want a Sharia Law in his/her Country? Is there no sense of belonging than religion?
  2. Does Quran really say that Men are higher grade than Women? Women is lesser being than Men?
  3. Does Islam permit to hit women? No matter what the reason is. Is it ok?
  4. What rights does Women have according to Islam?


Though there are lot more questions but I hope it would be Ok, if someone can just answer these.

Jagdeep Singh Virdi



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