Burden of a Nice Guy

The Nice Guy If you Google the meaning of : “Nice Guy Meaning”, Wikipedia comes up with a very good paragraph on Nice Guy, though I don’t agree with it completely, but it did give a prospective on what others think of me, or how the world sees our kind. Lets go though what Wikipedia […]

Understanding Islam II

Hi My first article on Islam was few days after, I saw few men with their own notion of religion came guns blazing to my country that I love and killed many Innocent people. This was Mumbai Attack on 26th November 2008. I basically don’t understand concept of killing in name of religion.Killing for any […]

The Cursed One III

Since my last post  on same topic and heading, which was sometime in November, 2008. A lot has happened. There have been many women in my life. When I say there have been many women in my life, dont be fooled by it. It is always that I had liked someone. And they did not […]